Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Farming and Gardening Time

Today homeschooling went well. We had a nice review of our story of Sky Woman and we admired how well our watercolor paintings from yesterday turned out. Rowan spent some time writing down part of the story to go along with the painting. It is a goal of mine to have Rowan be able to write longer pieces more quickly. I do think cursive will help with that but for now he is still working in print.

Days of the week in English, Spanish and French made for a bit of fun, followed by some math work that involved calculating in weeks. The Saxon math curriculum I am using with Rowan seems a bit too easy right now, but I like the look of the incremental approach and I know things will get more challenging soon enough. Making garden and weather observations is a sweet time together as the autumn sun warms us. Violin lessons take us away from home in the middle of our schooling time, but it is well worth it. I find that much of the music work assists Rowan in his other subjects. Learning to read music and work on reading and playing at the same time has helped his out loud story reading gain some more fluency.

Tomorrow we get to meet a cow!

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