Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sweet Memories

My oldest is 16 on December 23 this year. A milestone for us both. I am enjoying memories of her newborn days and all the days between. It is amazing how with each new developmental step, I have cheered her on, and how each step moves her toward who she is becoming. She walked young and talked young and has always been very discriminating. Funny to see how those qualities manifest in her personality now. I remember being thrilled as she pulled her self up and started toddling around, and then horrified as she started to run away from me at 9 months! Now she is a lovely young woman, cultivating who she is and stepping more and more into the world. I certainly have not always done everything right in the raising of my first, but I think she is turning out to be a wonderful person regardless. I so enjoy spending time with my dear daughter and feel grateful for every moment.

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