Friday, January 15, 2010

The Saga Continues

I decided not to tell the story of Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac. After recounting the story of Ishtar, the Morning Star in a lovely, fairytale-like way, I moved right on to the life of Isaac, his finding Rebekah for a wife and his sons Esau and Jacob. This was good for Rowan. We continued to focus on shelter and clothing and bring a definite anthropological perspective to the biblical discussion. We finished the clay house and wove Watsonia grass into roofs. Our whole week had a tone of form, structure, pattern and rhythm.

Our homeschool group is working on a Noah's Ark play. It is so fun to watch the group evolve and take on parts. Today we built the ark out of cardboard and practiced lines. Rowan is to be a villager and a rhino. The poems that will serve for chorus lines are very lovely and are helping Rowan in many ways. Reading of course, is helped, but also memorization, alliteration, timing.

Rowan is also just now joining his first strings orchestra. This will force him to improve his sense of timing and being "in-time" with his group. I am thrilled for this. He was like a deer in headlights sitting in the audition, but I was relieved that he was still willing to go back next week (after putting finger numbers on all his music).

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