Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Rainy Day Fun

Rain has come again! In our yard that means mud and mushrooms! We have discovered Elfin saddles, Witches butter, Candy Caps and more well-named fungi all around our house. In honor of our Clothing and Shelter block, Rowan and had some fun with wool felt and natural dyes, including two different mushrooms that grow near us. The one in the photo above is a coral mushroom. The dye was fairly boring, but it was fun to watch the color in the pot change and to see the very white wool felt become a pale tan color. The second dyer's fungus, the Dyer's Polypore, produced the lovely golden sheets you can see in the upper right hand photo. I love getting out the dye pots and mixing up funky brews! This is what my stove looked like that day.

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