Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shelter and Clothing

Ah, the whole week passed me by and I did not get a chance to post a blog. We had a very nice, very regular sort of homeschooling week. We finished the igloo that we had started the week before as we learned about live in the arctic.

Next we travelled to China in our imaginations. We studied from library books about all the different sorts of houses that are traditionally built in China. From this, I created the story of Yin Lin, a young girl living in southern China in a stilt house. Her family grows rice in the fertile moist land and also raises silkworms with the abundant mulberry trees growing all around Yin Lin's house. This led to a side lesson on silk and silkworms. Rowan had much to include in is main lesson book.

It seems that all this talk of shelters is sinking in. Rowan asked if he could make a house out of the couches and various pillows and blankets in the house. I said ok and he went to work. A cozy next was produced. It looked a lot like an Afgan yurt to me.

But Rowan was particularly excited about the two books I had found at the library on the subject of TREE HOUSES! For many years now I have avoided building a tree house. I have built a fence around the garden and a chicken coop for the chickens but in the 16 years since first giving birth, I have resisted building a tree house. Now it seems, the time has come and it is the last chance for me with these children of mine. We found a good tree and took some measurements. Next we will head to the lumber yard and begin on the foundation platform. If only the rain will hold off for a few days so we can see some progress...


  1. Hi My husband made a tree hut for my daughter when she was about 9, she just loved it. Best of luck ,will look forward to seeing it develop. Cheers Marie

  2. Wonderful post! The yurt looks cozy....