Sunday, February 28, 2010

Running with a theme

Just as I am thinking of finishing up our current Shelters and Clothing Block, I had an idea of making a little doll of each character in my stories and an animal friend for each one as well. This has inspired me to pull out my needle felting materials after a long pause. The fact that our weather has turned cold and rainy again has made it easy for me to think of fun projects to work on inside the house!

This is Elena of Peru and her alpaca.Here is a polar bear to be a part of a scene with Ulli, the Inuit boy. I still need to create an Ulli doll.
This is Tim of the Northwoods. I think he should have a pet dog.

And here is Rowan working on a rhino horn for his Noah's Ark Play costume. The big performance is a week away! It is so fun to watch our home school group really begin to create some magic together in the play as well as memorize group poems and individual lines.


  1. Delightful needle felted creations. cheers Marie

  2. I love the animals. They are beautiful.